What areas of digital marketing can you invest in?

Digital marketing is a field that is constantly evolving. Therefore, there are different strategies and approaches for its application, all of which aim to make your digital presence more striking.

Among all the applications we will present, your company can benefit greatly from one, some or all of them.

Because of this, it is more than essential to rely on the services of an agency or even a consultancy truly committed to your business and its possible – and desirable – results.

Next, we will present you with some marketing strategies to apply in your company. Note that some of them are certainly already running, while others can be improved or developed. Therefore:

  • Analyze what is already applied in your company;
  • Check your opportunities for improvement;
  • Investigate what are the most significant changes in your customer profile over time;
  • Take data – always respecting the LGPD – from your customers (as much as possible);
  • Analyze your competitor market;
  • Check how the companies that are competing with your products or services approach;
  • Study the ways your company currently uses to get closer to its customers;
  • Understand what makes your company different from all others in your market;
  • Get to know in depth what the main mistakes and successes of your products are.

Based on these reflections, let’s now learn about the digital marketing strategies that can contribute to your company:

Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies and approaches. This form of communication with the customer takes place through the creation and sharing of valuable content for them.

Whether in the form of blog texts, videos, infographics or e-books, this strategy focuses on creating rich content. This way, your potential consumer will be able to see your business as an authority on a subject of interest to them.

In addition to being a way to increase your visibility in the digital world, content marketing is also an interesting way to educate your consumer market. That is, it is a way to make your audience interested in certain topics that are related to your brand.

This is a strategy that is focused on long-term relationships. Therefore, it is considered that every company must, to some extent, invest in this type of marketing. This is because, as time passes and an informational framework is built, the idea of ​​authority on the subject is also built.

In addition to being a long-term strategy, as we said, it is also a way to obtain consistent results from your audience, whether through comments or through data capture.

This data is essential to enable your company to change or adopt other strategies. And by doing so, get a bigger audience.


Search Engine Optimization is a marketing strategy focused on searches. In practice, it involves applying a series of optimizations to writing texts in order to have greater visibility on search engines, such as Google.

However, being a good SEO expert is not, in itself, the reason for your website to rank well when searching for some keywords that relate to what you produce or provide as a service.

This is because, with competition becoming increasingly fierce in all markets, being an authority is essential. In practice, this involves the production of quality, in-depth and relevant content.

It is precisely through this path that it will be possible to consolidate your company’s pages in the top positions of search engines. Above all because, through the production of quality content, you will naturally be a reference in your market.

This way, combining SEO strategies and techniques will ensure that your website is always well placed on search platforms. But it is in the quality and relevance of your production and, ultimately, your products or services, that the secret to success with this strategy will always lie.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is a strategy aimed at internet marketing. By sending emails to its consumer audience, the company can establish a deeper relationship with buyers or potential buyers.

In practice, e-mail marketing should be a communication tool between the company and its audience, not limited to offering promotions or even the infamous spam.

When a company develops e-mail marketing as a distribution channel for rich content, the company’s return is to build much closer ties with its community.

The secret to the success of email marketing is, therefore, using it as an actual communication channel. Use this tool to distribute relevant, segmented and properly personalized content to your target audience.

Currently, one of the biggest advantages of this tool is that it allows the company to directly reach those people who have actively registered with their business, whether through a landing page or any other type of registration tool.

Using appropriate tools for email marketing, the company can check important metrics to adjust its strategy. Opening rate, reading time and even whether someone forwarded your email to someone else can make you further adapt your communication with your audience.

Digital Presence

Building a business’s digital presence can take place in different ways. The first and most conventional is the construction of an institutional website or even one focused on selling your products, or hiring your services.

However, a business’s digital presence cannot be restricted to the website. It is essential to also have your space on media and social networks, so that it is possible to maintain an open communication channel with your potential audience.

Even though for some companies building this relationship with their customers is quite difficult, it is essential to find a way to communicate.

Because of this, hiring an agency is essential to understand which media are most interesting for each audience and, within each audience, for each consumption profile.

Thus, building a company’s digital presence ends up becoming the first step to be taken on the digital marketing journey. Above all because it is by strengthening a company’s presence on the web that it will become recognized for its products or services.

Inbound Marketing

The inbound marketing strategy focuses on attracting potential customers organically. It therefore differs from traditional paid marketing that takes place on the Internet.

In this way, inbound marketing aims to obtain more useful and relevant information for your consumer audience. Using this information, a purchasing journey is created, allowing your own customer to make the decision whether or not to continue engaging with your brand until the purchase or withdrawal is made.

For the inbound marketing strategy, content production is fundamental. This happens, above all, because it is through the creation of a “sales funnel” that this strategy is based.

Thus, the potential customer ends up following a journey until the purchase is made. This is because he ends up being convinced by the useful and truly relevant information that the brand provides him about the product or service it is selling or offering.

SEO is essential in an inbound marketing strategy, especially because it is through search engines that your customer will be attracted to your sales funnel.

Online Advertising

Online advertising is a way to attract customers to your brand. This is because, through the selection of an audience, your products or services will be displayed to users of networks or social media without them searching for your products or services.

However, it is necessary to say that the amount invested in creating online advertising campaigns can be quite high to achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, there is also investment in producing the advertisement itself. Currently, it is necessary for the production to be really interesting to attract and hold the attention of its audience.

Because of this, although this tool can and should be used by your company, it is necessary to ensure that your investment is really well thought out and well executed in order to bring the expected results.

For this strategy of increasing your company’s visibility to be successful, it is important to have some preliminary knowledge about your audience, their characteristics and even their location. In other words: it is important for the company to know its consumers.

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