6 advantages of Intent Marketing for your business!

You may have already heard of the digital marketing sales funnel , where your entire audience is at some stage: attraction, consideration or decision. Intent marketing focuses precisely on the decision phase.

In this way, the actions of your consumers, or potential consumers, are what will intentionally direct your company’s marketing towards the decision to purchase your product.

If you realize that you have a warm audience in the decision stage, but don’t know what to do to complete the sales, this is the ideal content. Next, discover the advantages of intention marketing for your company!

What are the advantages of intent marketing?

It’s time for you to bring this method to your business. Therefore, we have separated some advantages of intention marketing. Check out!

Intent data

The world of marketing is data-driven — or at least, it should be. It’s no different in intent marketing. The first advantage is having more segmented information about your audience available, namely:

  • behavioral data (such as the most visited pages on a website);
  • most searched terms in search engines (both on the Web and on social networks);
  • sensitive data (such as religion, gender, location and personal preferences).

But these are not the only ones. Depending on your area of ​​expertise, there is an almost infinite possibility of extracting intent data. But the focus should be on what is most relevant to your company’s strategy.

Content Marketing vs Intent Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute , content marketing costs 62% less and generates 3x more leads when compared to using outbound marketing.

Therefore, by linking intention marketing to the content produced, the chances of conversion increase. Because, in addition to delivering content that will interest your audience, you will deliver intentional content.

The opposite is also true. Once this audience realizes that your content is generic and does not meet their search intent, the chances of hits increasing. After all, there will be no interest in what you offer.

And speaking of content, by extracting improved data with the audience’s intention, SEO campaigns will have better foundation and assertiveness.

Conversion rate

When your company demonstrates that it satisfies the public’s needs demonstrated in their search intentions, the conversion rate tends to increase. The key is to recognize the problem proposed in the intention and offer a viable solution.

For example, when searching for “benefits of orthopedic shoes”, the potential customer is still at an early stage in the funnel. Therefore, it is recommended to offer content that only deals with the benefits to satisfy the search intent.

If the search is “orthopedic shoe options”, this opens up the opportunity to directly offer what was researched, demonstrating the benefits of your product, structuring a good call to action and closing new sales.

In both cases, by satisfying the search intent, the conversion rate tends to increase.

Marketing automation

The more personalized a campaign is, the greater the chances of increasing sales. Therefore, by monitoring your audience’s search intentions, you can directly focus on those who want to make a purchase.

This is possible with marketing automation through artificial intelligence. By directly “attacking” the most heated audience, your company saves on marketing efforts to get new people to “walk” through the sales funnel, and generates more revenue by increasing the number of purchases completed.

Local Marketing X Intent Marketing

If your company has a physical establishment, intent marketing should go hand in hand with your local marketing strategy.

According to Google, 50% of people who search for terms related to physical locations, or that involve items they have in nearby physical locations, go to the establishment.

Being in your company, the power of persuasion to close sales will be entirely the responsibility of your sales team. But receiving more potential buyers is something that can be easily achieved by working intent marketing well.

Don’t overlook this advantage.

User experience

In addition to all the advantages we mentioned, improving the user experience is essential to make them feel safe when carrying out a new transaction.

Also, the public will start to trust your brand more when they realize that their search intentions are being met.

Therefore, by using intention marketing, it is possible to improve the user experience in all areas. For example, did you know that ads focused on user behavior tend to get more clicks?

The opposite is also true. If your company leaves aside the audience’s search intent and decides to focus only on demographic data, the user will not have a good experience and may associate your brand with a negative feeling.

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