7 minimalist (beautiful and free) themes for WordPress

If you want to know the 7 best minimalist themes , we’ve selected the most refined ones, ideal for showing authority and value with your WordPress website.

We hope you like the selection. If you know any more, the comments section will be open for suggestions.

The 7 Minimalist WordPress Themes

1. Minimal Grid

Minimal Grid, as the name suggests, is a theme focused on minimalism based on grids, with a side menu and highlighting images . It is normally recommended for news sites, magazines, blogs and entertainment portals.

It supports different post formats and animations that enrich the user experience. Fully compatible with Gutenberg, the default WordPress editor, and WooCommerce, the main sales plugin, the options are countless.

Its side menu enhances navigation without disturbing the sampling of posts , making it a differentiator to more horizontal theme models, something essential, especially for magazine or blog sites. All of this, together with the modern fonts already installed, greatly enhances the atmosphere of a professional theme, even though it is free.

2. Intuitive

Intuitive is a corporate minimalist WordPress theme. Therefore, it is suitable for companies, but it is versatile enough to be adapted to other niches . With a more sober style, using Intuitive enhances your website by giving it a more “professional” look.

There are several styling options. With it, you can change: background, header, logo, menu, header style, footer widgets, portfolio, post formats, right sidebar and segmented comments.

Furthermore, the emphasis on social networks on the top right makes all the difference, especially when evaluating how the background image generates even more visibility for them .

3. Minimalist Blogger

Minimalist blogger is a theme focused on simplicity and content . Made especially for more personal news, its elegant appearance makes it very attractive to writers.

Various topics can be covered with this layout. Blogs about food, fashion, travel, clothes, movies and lifestyle can only enhance their materials even more with Minimalist Blogger.

The theme is surprisingly fast, which makes it SEO friendly . The sidebar allows widgets, affiliate links or any other item you want to insert.

4. Portfolio Lite

Portfolio Lite is the most different minimalist WordPress theme that we present here, precisely because it does not have menus or the conventional structure of other themes . Focusing on the center of the screen, all the negation is defined by the side menu, while using a slide of impactful photos right at the beginning.

As the name suggests, the theme is portfolio-focused. In other words, demonstrating your work to other people. With this, illustrators, video editors and designers can raise the level of presentation of their work.

Being a very different minimalist WordPress theme, its layout alone breaks users’ accustomed vision, making this small “shock” of change value even more the dissemination of your already completed projects .

5. Chronus

Chronus is a minimalist theme for WordPress that values ​​white space, making page loading much lighter and faster . Why? Because like all minimalist themes, only the essentials are shown.

It is suitable for news blogs, magazines (the “magazines”) and even personal blogs. Many use it for topics related to technology, as it conveys, even if minimally, this more “Apple” vibe.

One of the advantages of Chronus is that it is the type of theme with a total focus on content . When accessing the pages, the discreet menu does not steal your attention. Adding this to the highlighted images, the content tends to be seen quickly by your visitors.

6. Minimal Polite

In our team’s opinion, the Polite Minimal minimalist theme is one of the most beautiful . Its simplicity, linked to the use of images and gray gradient colors make all the difference in making a good first impression on readers.

It is a child theme of Polite, one of the most popular themes with mansory posts and several different blog pages. Polite Minimal has a search bar, off-screen sidebar, footer options and several customizations that can be made, without affecting the balance and lightness of the layout.

If you want to further strengthen the design of your pages, the theme comes with primary color definition. Therefore, with just one click, all the dominant color of the site’s elements can be changed, enhancing your brand, without being stuck with the theme’s default colors .

7. Astra – Love Nature

Love Nature is a page style made in Elementor for the Astra theme . With a minimalist look, the theme is flexible, features an elegant design and a professional layout. It’s great for blogs that involve calmer, more reflective elements.

With its natural color palette and touches of blue green, the theme will be like an oasis from all the hustle and bustle offered by the internet, conquering its visitors with its white spaces, capable of calming the senses and offering a positive experience.

Definitely one of the most beautiful themes on this list . Love Nature is well worth your attention, but it can be a little more difficult to install because it requires knowledge of the Elementor page builder.

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