Evergreen Content: Why is it so important to create evergreen materials?

Content does not gain authority and positioning overnight. Ranking involves several factors that take time to generate results, such as search engine optimization ( SEO ).

With this in mind, creating materials that maintain relevance for a long time should be part of the Content Marketing strategy . These materials are excellent assets to increase your chances of success in search engines.

That’s where Evergreen Content comes in, materials designed to continue generating good results even years after being published.

Do you want to know what timeless content is and why you need it? Continue reading this article we prepared for you!

What is Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is material that deals with a timeless subject, that is, that does not lose relevance over time.

It is broader than news or updates, which, although important, no longer add value to the reader after a certain period.

Evergreen content ranks and generates traffic for years and years, as long as you keep it updated. Never abandon your materials after publishing them!

In addition to being timeless, you can go much deeper into evergreen production. It is possible to enrich the piece with more elaborate details, tools, facts and contexts to generate greater reading value.

This not only helps to offer more qualified content to the user, but also boosts good results in search engines. Especially because Google, Bing and other engines give priority to well-produced materials.

Think about content about Marketing , for example. This is a timeless theme, as its concept will not change over time.

Of course, the tools and application of marketing knowledge are always evolving, but the main idea has already been established.

As a result, you could have written an article with that keyword several years ago and still be in the top positions on Google today.

Not all of your content needs to be evergreen, as seasonal posts are also welcome. However, your Content Marketing strategy has a lot to gain from Evergreen Content .

News materials can, yes, generate immediate results, but they have a very short shelf life.

Evergreen content can support your traffic and lead generation indefinitely.

How to generate evergreen content ideas?

Generating evergreen content ideas may seem like a big challenge, but it’s not. Just follow some simple “formulas”, which we will talk about below.

Identify market trends

The objective of evergreen content is to maintain relevance for a long time. Therefore, knowing what is trending in your market niche is one of the best ways to think about themes for these texts.

This way, you not only produce evergreen material on an important topic, you also do it before the competition , giving you more time to position and generate traffic.

Think about conceptual content

This article you are reading is a good example of conceptual content, i.e. evergreen .

To generate themes like this, you can base yourself on some examples of pre-made titles, such as:

  • “What is it…”
  • “Get to know the…”
  • “Definitive guide to…”
  • “Everything you need to know about…”

Thinking about production, address the most important concepts and knowledge that the reader needs to learn about the topic.

Remember that they don’t have to be huge content, but density tends to be present in a large part of them.

Invest in practical guides

Another method widely used for evergreen content is practical materials, with tips, guides, step-by-step instructions and more. Some examples of titles are:

  • “How to make…”
  • “9 examples of… to inspire you”
  • “Practical guide on how to…”
  • “5 steps to do…”

It is worth saying that lists are excellent for both practical and conceptual materials, in addition to having a lot of potential for positioning on the first page of the SERP .

4 tips for producing evergreen content

When writing evergreen content, it’s natural for you to make some mistakes without realizing it. They can reduce the longevity of the material’s relevance, causing it to become dated after a while.

To avoid these pitfalls, we have put together 4 tips that will help you create evergreen content:

1 – Prioritize the top of the funnel.

Most timeless content is at the top of the sales funnel , the learning phase .

Right now, they are just beginning to recognize a problem, without having any idea how to solve it.

For this reason, evergreen content is ideal for introducing you to a subject while always maintaining its relevance.

As we said, it is possible to delve deeper into the topics and provide highly relevant material to the reader.

2 – Focus on proven knowledge

Think about subjects that leave no room for doubt or refutation in the future. Of course, you should pay attention to market trends and news, but this needs to be left to seasonal content.

In timeless, it is more appropriate to use proven and established information to ensure solid content with extended relevance.

3 – Take advantage of internal links

Link building is one of the great fundamentals of SEO, as it boosts the authority of strategic pages on your website – that is, on-page SEO .

When it comes to evergreen content, that is, materials that maintain access and positioning for a long time, it is natural to use them to anchor other materials on your blog.

This way, you improve the user experience with relevant texts for them to delve deeper into certain topics.

Furthermore, it stimulates traffic (and, consequently, the positioning) of other pages on the website.

4 – Use simple URLs

Evergreen content often addresses concepts and practices, which makes it easier to create simple URLs.

Making short and direct links helps with sharing and, in addition, is an important ranking factor in search engines.

This is because, when writing a text about Digital Marketing, for example, Google crawlers and other tools look for URLs that correspond to the topic.

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