10 Reasons to create a website with WordPress

Creating a website with WordPress is a process that requires thorough analysis to gather requirements. At this stage, we need to think about several aspects, such as which hosting to hire , domain, prices for each item, who will develop it, among many other issues. Therefore, choosing the best option to suit you can be something that requires a little time and research.

Therefore, in this article we will discuss WordPress, an open source platform that has gained high relevance in creating websites and blogs . With a simple interface, WordPress allows you to create websites in just a few minutes, and best of all, completely free of charge. If you are interested in this subject, here we will present 11 reasons for you to create your own website with the WordPress platform. Did you like it? So don’t forget to check anything out!

1. Easy and quick installation

WordPress is truly incredible, with so many features , you can give your website or blog even more life. The WordPress platform is well known worldwide, it is estimated that it covers around 33% of the entire internet. In this aspect, it is very easy and quick to install WordPress , especially since many hosting services have direct integration with WordPress, without the need to configure or install anything. This is without a doubt the main reason to use WordPress in your project.

In addition to WordPress, there is also WordPress.com, a website and blog hosting service. In it, anyone can easily create websites using WordPress, just choose one of the plans and register a domain, directly from the platform. Despite its practicality, the WordPress.com service is very limited, which is why the ideal is to hire better website hosting and install it.

2. Publish without hassle

Another good reason is that WordPress has a very user-friendly interface , allowing even less experienced users to manipulate and manage the platform. In this aspect, one of the main positive points is the publishing interface, which allows you to quickly and easily post any content, whether for your blog or website. With this, in just a few steps you can publish your first content online , without any complications.

For those who have never managed a blog before, WordPress is an incredible option , allowing you to have all the power in your hands, just using the control panel, without the need to memorize HTML code.

Just using the publications panel, you can edit your posts, add titles and subtitles, attach images or other media files, all in a WordPress editor, nothing very different from the functions available in current text editors, such as Word for example. This is very simple, you can also change or publish your content directly from a mobile device.

3. Automatically publish content

This is another feature offered to content editors, mainly for websites or blogs within WordPress . At this point, in the same way as pages created directly on Facebook, WordPress also allows automatic publication by schedule , where you can determine a specific date to publish some content on your virtual page.

This is a very useful feature for those people who are often absent. With this, on a day of travel for example, you can simply schedule a publication in advance, all in a very practical way. This is a feature that really couldn’t be missed!

4. A plethora of plugins

Sometimes we come across very unexpected situations. When creating a website with WordPress, you might think about trying something new, programming a new function for a specific page or adding a special feature that makes SEO easier, for example. WordPress allows you to expand your limits by installing plugins and even offers thousands of them for free, which is a great attraction for using it.

A plugin is like an extension module, widely used to add extra functions to a given application or platform. In WordPress, the use of plugins allows for a better experience with the platform. In this aspect, WordPress is very flexible, allowing the user to decide what should or should not be installed, all in just one click.

In the WordPress control panel , you have complete freedom to activate or deactivate useless features. This is truly incredible, a completely user-modifiable platform with no restrictions.

5. Multiple user accounts

Maybe you own a company with a huge team of content producers. In this context, several people can work for a common good. With WordPress it is possible to create multiple user accounts and define different levels of access to them. Just like in a company, the administrator has full control of your WordPress environment, deciding who can publish something and under what circumstances this can be done, always taking into account the hierarchical level established by you in the WordPress settings itself.

The function of multiple user accounts, with different levels, is essential for distributing work , especially on blogs, where publications are made periodically, several times a day or week. Furthermore, just like on a journalism website, several users can act as writers, preventing a single person from being overloaded. This is one of the most powerful tools for users who use WordPress as a personal or business blog.

In addition to the advantages shown above, defining hierarchy levels is an excellent strategy for maintaining the internal security of your website, preventing malicious users from having control over other, more restricted publications. On top of that, you can delete or add new users at any time , without limits, this is very simple, you don’t need anything else to do this, just access the account settings panel and that’s it.

6. Stylish look in just one click

Like that famous popular phrase – “the first impression is what lasts” – it’s no different here. On a website, the look counts a lot to attract new users . Therefore, it is essential to maintain a modern, eye-catching interface, with well-organized menus, all of which can further improve the interaction between visitors and the content of your page.

In this context, you need to work hard on the visual aspect, always creating a very pleasant environment for your target audience, preventing people from having negative opinions about your project on the internet.

Working in the development process can be really complicated. Yes, in that case, you may need to hire a web designer or programmer specializing in these matters to carry out this task, which may cost a little more than your anticipated budget. In this regard, the WordPress platform stands out a lot, as it has a huge collection of themes that can be easily installed on your website , fully customizable, and best of all, some of them are free.

Currently, in the WordPress theme collection there are around 100 free themes and more than 300 Premium themes, paying less than what you would pay to a third-party company or an independent developer. Furthermore, if you have web design skills, you can also develop your own themes and install them on your own WordPress.

7. Sites compatible with any device

A website created on the WordPress platform is fully compatible with numerous access devices, be it a computer or portable device. This in itself is an excellent reason to use WordPress in your project. In this context, one of the biggest challenges, especially for programmers, is to create a website that can be responsive , that is, a website that is displayed in the same way even on different access devices, such as smartphones, personal computers, tablets, consoles. video games, among many others.

In the WordPress concept, it is possible to make a website responsive without any advanced code editing or changes, it does this automatically, you just need to select themes that have this feature. Therefore, when a visitor accesses your website, regardless of the device, it is displayed correctly to all visitors. This is very important to ensure a great user experience , even on devices with lower screen resolutions.

8. Completely open source, no restrictions

Open source software (also known as open source application) is an assignment for applications that have source code that is completely free for modification, functioning as free licensing, without restrictions. At this point, companies also benefit greatly from this, increasing the reach of their products and also giving users the freedom to contribute, whether by adding new features or fixing bugs and security flaws.

In the open source concept, a product can be examined without legal consequences for doing so and, thus, several users can contribute to significant changes to a software. Furthermore, all open source software must be free, allowing the programmer to redistribute future changes to all interested parties.

Fortunately, open source is one of the main features of the WordPress platform , allowing the service to be kept free for everyone, as well as enabling the application to evolve even faster. Therefore, as WordPress is a platform with independent developers, always working to modify and fix bugs, thus ensuring the best experience for the end user .

9. Top-notch security

Information security is one of the essential pillars for keeping your virtual environment safe, such as sensitive data and banking information. Therefore, WordPress also provides the user with an environment protected against the most recent threats on the internet . To achieve this, WordPress is always modifying its internal code, ensuring that flaws or vulnerabilities are resolved through periodic software updates.

In addition, WordPress also offers plugins that allow you to add new layers of protection and provide more security to the application . There are several plugins designed especially to add additional protections to your WordPress website.

10. Your website always at the top (SEO)

The term SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) refers to a set of strategies for optimizing websites in search engines, with the aim of improving your website’s positioning in relation to other pages. In this aspect, websites created by the WordPress platform have many SEO tools, leveraging your page and making it as accessible as possible to users.

In the concept of SEO, the WordPress platform implements strategies based on this, allowing you to increase the visibility of your publications. Furthermore, it is also possible to install plugins dedicated to this task, such as Yoast SEO for example. Without a doubt, SEO is one of the key points to reaching more people, being an essential method that cannot be missed under any circumstances.

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